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​My piece "Right and Left" was selected as a runner-up in Austin Wintory's "Aliens: Fireteam Elite" competition!

​Check out the contest submission video and the announcement video to the right, and also feel free to listen to the remixed version from my portfolio here!
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Click to try each game and hear my work in context!


The son of a jazz guitarist, I began my lifelong obsession with music at the age of eight as a drummer playing jazz, Latin, and rock before picking up the piano. After discovering the work of Stephen Sondheim and Bela Bartok, I devoted myself to composition and now pursue my two musical passions—scoring video games and animation, and concert music.


Almost entirely self-taught, my wide-ranging knowledge is the result of endless curiosity and experimentation, rigorous study of classical text, and a dedication to learning the ins and outs of modern technology and technique. With influences spanning far and wide from the slippery rhythm and propulsive drive of jazz and electronic music, to the syrupy melodies of Japanese pop and the angular, dissonant harmonies of experimental classical music, I ground my work in human, acoustic elements to create music that is organic and memorable. These disparate elements come together to form a unique sound all its own.


If you're a game developer or animator seeking dynamic music to tell your story, a performer looking for a fresh piece to add to your repertoire, or a fellow composer in need of support on a project, I would love to collaborate and help bring your creative vision to life!



Thanks for getting in touch!

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